Complete Guide for Download, Install & Activation

Norton by Symantec is one of the most popular brands in PC security. The Norton's AntiVirus is the core security software that offers necessary protection against viruses and spyware for home and business users. It updates on its own every 5 to 15 minutes and involves an inventive scanner that efficiently checks a PC for threats in very little time.

Norton Security is created essentially to protect home and business users from malware and other threats. Norton’s Protection System stars various levels of malware defense, along with web browser protection for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, an Intrusion Prevention Tool, Antibot protection to block the malicious conquest, and a system recovery feature for invalidating any harm from infections that do slide through Norton’s protection.

What is Norton AntiVirus?

We are all aware of cyber threats such as viruses and malware, Norton antivirus is a software which is created to fight it off. Norton AntiVirus is a type of program which the user knowingly downloads on their system with the aim to protect their device from virus infiltration and infection. Norton AntiVirus achieves this object in three ways. Firstly, it detects viruses on the PC. Secondly, it removes it from the device safely. Thirdly and lastly, it clears up any damage to the system that the virus may have caused.

Apart from that, Norton security programs block dangerous websites and offer real-time protection. In layman terms, it means that Norton AntiVirus blocks sites and pages which were made with the intention of delivering viruses and the websites which may have been infected with a virus. Norton antivirus keeps running in the backdrop of the system so that even if a piece of virus attempts to infect the computer, Norton Antivirus steps in and protects the computer.

How does Norton AntiVirus do its work?


Several applications look for virus using a database of recognized virus definitions (also known as signatures). These signatures reveal what the virus does and how to identify it. If Norton security software discovers a file that matches the virus signature, it will flag it as a possible virus. This is an excellent way to eliminate known menaces, but it does need periodic updates to make sure the Norton security software does not miss out on recently created viruses.


Another method with which Norton antivirus detects malicious files is a kind of analysis named as heuristics. An option to database scan, heuristic analysis lets Norton antivirus program to identify perils that were not previously known. Heuristics recognizes viruses by behaviors and characteristics, rather than matching against a list of known malware.

For instance, if an app is coded to eliminate essential system data, the Norton antivirus program may flag it as a virus (because apps should not be doing this behavior). However, the heuristic analysis may at times result in “false positives,” or applications flagged as malicious that is valid in reality.


Another method which Norton Antivirus software can detect viruses is by running an application it speculates to be harmful in a sandbox, which is a safe space on the PC. The app thinks it has complete access to the PC when, in reality, it is running in a confined space while the Norton AntiVirus observes its behavior.

Norton Setup Installation and Activation

  1. If you have a retail version of Norton, then insert the disk into the DVD drive and follow the on-screen guidelines.
  2. Click on Install.
  3. In the Norton wizard window, go through the license agreement.
  4. Type in the 25-character alphanumeric product key/code for activation at
  5. The installation process will be over. As a matter of fact, it barely takes one minute for the Norton Setup to get complete.

Norton Setup is a very time-saving process, and it is faster than other competing software.

After installing Norton setup, users should make a Norton account. The Norton Account will contain all the information about their Norton products, services, and subscriptions.

User Interface

Norton Security software has a really smooth UI; the icons displayed have a definite purpose. A big icon on the upper left-hand side shows protection state. The UI has been designed differently than other security software applications. All available options are shown rather than adjusted into a table form. Astonishingly this does not cause chaos, and the UI is very efficiently managed.

Norton Security Software Live Update

One of the best things about Norton is that updates are automated. Users can also do it manually, but since people are forgetful or may not have the time to devote to manual updating, users can just click on Run LiveUpdate.

Considering the requirement of antivirus and anti-malware on all web-enabled devices in today's world, you should purchase Norton security from the online or offline store. At the time of purchase, you will get a product activation key, and you can set up your Norton product on by using the same key. You will be required first to download, then install, and finally activate your Norton product.

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