6 Amazing Things Amazon Echo can do that Google Home can’t

While Google Home can do many things that the Amazon Echo cannot, it’s like a relative conversation or throwing videos and images to your televisions. It has ample of catching-up to do with the Amazon Echo Alexa. Google is always adding some new and best features to Home so that the list will continue to reduce in size, but there are still seven things we wish Google could do.

Throughout this piece, One of the Google Assistant is often compared to the Amazon Alexa, since those are the voice-assistance technologies within these devices. Remember the way Google Assistant works on Google Home is much more inadequate or limited than the way it works on phones.

Track Packages

As anyone can easily order items using the Alexa, it can make some sense that you can track orders which are placed through Amazon as well as with Alexa. All you need to say that, “Alexa, where’s my stuff?” She won’t even provide you with tons of details, like where the package currently is or the exact status of the shipment, but they will tell you the day when it is estimated to arrive.

It is one of the features which is already integrated into the Google Assistant on phones; that it is likely a issue of time before the Google Home can track orders which is placed with any online retailer practically. But there is no declaration of package tracking in the long list of features of Google Home.

Delivery Notifications

In that a layer, now the Google Home is supporting notifications for the calls and reminders, it even cannot tell you when something you have ordered is out for the delivery. On the other hand, Alexa can easily do this. And it is not limited to the packages from Amazon. You can also enable the notifications option regarding the delivery status of Domino’s pizza.

Amazon Music and Prime Music

All radio and music services officially supported by the Google Home at their launch were the Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Pandora, Spotify, and TuneIn.  However, the iHeartRadio Support was rolled out at the end of upcoming February.

With the Amazon’s Alexa speakers, you easily get support for the same music services, save for YouTube Music and Google Play Music. Instead, you get support for the Amazon’s in-house streaming services, Amazon Music and Prime Music.

Although it is not officially supporting the Amazon Music or Prime Music which is not all that surprising provided that they are competitors, now you can stream almost any audio or video to Google Home by casting a smartphone or tablets. However, the Amazon Music or original music app does not support Chromecast, so you cannot stream audio from the application to the Google Home by using an iOS device or any other. However, it is a workaround for Android devices. Start playing the music directly with the Amazon Music app, and easily pull down the notification shade, tap the Cast logo, and also select your Google Home from the list to stream the audio and video through the speakers.

Voice Remote

Though, if you want to control your Echo from out of typical voice ranges, then all you need to do is an Alexa Voice Remote which is easily available on the Amazon.

To carry out the Voice remote feature with the Google Home, you will need to add a second Google Home.

Third-Party Apps

Amazon allows the developers to control the power of Alexa within the applications, such as Ubi and Roger. One of the developers created an online tool which is called Echosim.io so that the developers can easily test their skills without needing to own the hardware. Additionally, anyone can get Alexa for a test drive in their web browser.

Away from the streaming audio, these virtual versions of Alexa work the same as the conventional devices from the Amazon works, it means that you can easily provide the full consequences of Alexa before having to spend a dime on Amazon’s speakers. And one of the best ways to test the Google Home is by using Google Assistant on companionable Android phones.

Routines on a Schedule

Both Alexa speakers and Google Homes were received recent updates that enabled the routines or also the ability to fire off the multiple actions from a single command. But only the Amazon Alexa’s routines can be easily activated on a schedule. It means you can use Amazon Alexa to turn on the lights or to play your favorite music at any provided time, without having to tell anyone of your speakers to do so. While this might seem like a small, irrelevant difference

With Amazon Alexa’s routines, you can schedule your lights to turn on at the same time by which the news will start playing in the automatically in the morning. Or you might also scheduling the lights to turn along as nature sounds start to play in the bedroom.

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