How to Block Someone in Gmail?

At times it’s not enough to mark any mail just as spam as the folders of Gmail are not purely effective, and the junk may find its way. At times, you intentionally want to cut someone out. If you are receiving constant emails from someone or have signed up to a newsletter you are not interested in, you can block them. Gmail has got a feature that allows you to block specific senders. It is now easy to block someone in your Gmail account using the block sender feature and by setting up rules and filters to block senders.

How can we block a sender in Gmail?

The web version of Gmail works same way o the PCs, Chromebooks, and the Macs. Open the web browser and navigate to Gmail. Log in and find the email by the person you wish to block. You will now see three dots in the top right corner next to the Star and Reply icons. Click this and select Block (name of person) from the menu. If you found yourself on a promotional email list or a newsletter, this can also be removed.

Open the message and look right to the sender’s address. You will find an option to change preferences or unsubscribe or change the preferences, click on it and you will be removed from the regular emails but can still receive occasional messages. Use the blocking method to obliterate hem. It should not to be forgotten that the person can still send you messages, but they will now go directly to the spam folder; you will not be able to see them.

How can we block people in Gmail on iOS?

For the users of iPad and iPhone, there is no direct way to block the people from the iOS Gmail app. You will instead need to use steps and hat too from a PC, Mac or Chromebook. The newsletters and promotional emails can be removed by following some below steps:

Open the Gmail app and find a message from the sender you wish to block, scroll down to the option to either Change Preferences or Unsubscribe. Tap on this and follow other instructions too. It may take some days for the changes to take effect but all the emails will cease after some time.

Blocking on Android

If the email on your Android is sent from a legitimate company, then there must a unsubscribe link somewhere. Most probably at the right of the bottom of the email. Unsubscribing from these emails is a better option than marking them as spam because it directly stops them from being sent to you. If you are frequently getting messages from a company you have never dealt with, these are more likely spam. To report a Gmail message as spam either open it or tap and hold, then there will appear three vertical dots icon at the top of Gmail, choose “Report as Spam.” It is simple and straightforward.

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