How to delete .DS_Store File in Mac

.DS_Store files are created in every folder which the Mac Finder accesses including the External device and network volume used by MacOS X to store the metadata. These files are hidden from the users, hence it needs a little effort to dig into the system to find out the .DS_Store files. The other data like the custom icon, icon placement, windows placement, list views, custom background pictures, etc. are stored in the files which are meant to be inconspicuous.

To indicate the inconspicuous nature, the file has a (.) dot in front of its name which specifies the UNIX file system that is not visible to the users. Still, some people prefer to make these files visible by choosing the show hidden files option. Well, deleting the .DS_Store files is useful for Windows and Mac shared networking purposes. If you think that deleting the .DS_Store file will be beneficial, and it would not affect your Mac system in either way. But there is an exception.

If you delete the .DS_Store file, then you will lose your directories specifying the window replacement, background picture, icons, etc. It means that accessing the shared folder by using Finder next time will take you to a new layout and create a new .DS_Store file, as the saved settings of fonts and types, are deleted already. Still, if you wish to delete the file, then you can do it manually without losing any other data from your system.

Here’s how to delete .DS_Store File in Mac

You must be careful while deleting the .DS_Store File since removing another file might cause the operating system to work improperly.

  1. Go to Applications and Utilities in your Mac device.
  2. Now, click to open Terminal.
  3. Find the directory or the folder of which you want to delete the DS_Store file.
  4. Now, go to the terminal and type cd and mention the path folder as well.
  5. Type name‘.DS_Store’- type f –delete and press Return
  6. It will delete the chosen .DS_Store file.

It will help you to remove the file from your Mac system. If the .DS_Store file got corrupted then you will have to follow the same steps and clean up the mess but remember that you select the desired file only. If other files go missing, then the operating system might not work correctly.

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