How to View and Manage Clipboard History On Windows and Mac

Clipboard in the Windows and Mac systems hold just one item at a time that can be limiting, especially when you want to copy the item from several files. Wouldn’t it be cozy to see the history of your clipboard and see the previously copied items. Thankfully some free apps are there for the Windows and Mac that enable you to manage clipboard history in your system. It permits you to sync clipboard between different systems. 

Clipboard Manager- Windows

Clipboard Manager is a great looking free program that keeps images, texts, and files. You are able to send any entries, clips into other applications. You are allowed to edit the photos in Clipboard Manager. It comes along with the primary editor of the image. It comes up with three plugins to handle the files, text, and bitmaps. You may send the clip to plugins to ensure it is dealt with well when you paste it.

  1. Launch Clipboard Manager as a portable program.
  2. Click right on the clip to access the menu where you may send the item to the clipboard.
  3. You can even delete the clip.
  4. Click right on the clipboard manager icon in the system tray to access the options for Clipboard Manager.
  5. Choose Options from the pop-up menu.
  6. On Options dialogue box, You may add or remove locations from plugins.
  7. Select to load Clipboard Manager with Windows.
  8. Change the look and behavior of a window that is having a list of assign hotkeys and clips.
  9. Enable or disable the plugins as per your choice.

Ditto- Windows

It is absolutely free and a full-featured manager of clipboard that helps you to search and paste the copied entries previously. You can paste the entries into any window that takes standard copy/paste entries. It includes the images, texts, and even the files. You can sync clipboard among several systems over a similar network. It supports long copy history. It will not be problematic to merge clipboards from several systems.

  1. Launch Ditto as an installable program. Install Ditto from Windows 10 App Store.
  2. Tap Ditto icon in system tray.
  3. Enter Ctrl+ ~ to get to Ditto.
  4. Tap on an entry to copy it to the clipboard.
  5. Double tap or enter on any entry to paste it to initial window.
  6. You can drag and drop all the entries to paste them to other programs.
  7. Use the search feature to find a particular entry if you have a never ending list of entries.
  8. There are several options available in Ditto to personalize it.
  9. To change some of the options just click right on Ditto icon in the system tray.
  10. Turn the options on or off on Quick Options,
  11. You can also access all available options by choosing Options on the menu.
  12. To delete all or some entries, choose Delete Clip Data.
  13. Choose entries from the dialog box with the help of Shift and Ctrl Keys.
  14. Tap Delete.
  15. Use search fields to find the entries.

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