Search by Image on Google

With the help of the Google image search on the computer you can upload your picture for which you like to search or you can take help of the Google Chrome browser on both smart phone’s and computer to find for matches of online images. Google provides you with excellent service in terms of performing different types of small and complex task comfortably.

You can upload the image into the search bar, and a searchable image can show up on the search results after adding an image.

Some methods are given below to search by image on Google: 

  1. With Google Search on Computer
  • Go to the Google image profile.

Open the link

  • Press camera icon.

You will get this on the right corner of the search section that’s in the middle of the window.

  • If you like to search for a picture that matches a specific similar word or phrase, click that word or phrase into the search section and after that tap Enter button to see image results.
  • Choose a picture upload option.

Press one of the following pages:

  • Copy Paste image URL- Press this option if you have copied that image URL. To copy an image URL, go to the image, then tap the address section at the top of the screen to choose it, after that click Ctrl +C on the computer or Command +C on Mac.
  • Sync an image- Press this option in case the image that you like to use is stored on your system.
  • Upload your picture.

It all depends on the image upload option you have chosen, these steps include:

  • Paste photo link- Tap on the search bar, click Ctrl +V on computer or Command + V on Mac, after that press Search by image option.
  • Upload your photo- Tap Selected File, locate and press the image you wish to use, and then press Open option.
  • Go through the search results.

In case your image exits anywhere on the Internet, you will view various sizes and versions of the image here if you can’t see then Google will search image that looks same as you had uploaded.

  1. With Google Chrome on Mobile
  • Open Google Chrome web browser.

Click the red, yellow, blue, and green color Chrome application icon.

  • Click the search section.

You will get this at the top of the window.

  • Press plus symbol icon in the left side of the window, in case you can’t see a search section.
  • Type a search term.

Enter in the word or phrase for which you like to search for an image, after that click Go on iOS devices or type or tick symbol icon on Android gadget.

  • Press the Images button.

This will be in the top of the window, below the search section; it will show all the image results for your search inquiry.

  • Choose a photo to use.

Click an image that you like to use according to your search result. This will open your picture.

  • Click three line icons below the picture.

This will open your pop-up menu list.

  • Don’t click the three-line icon in the right side of the window.
  • Click Search by image option.

You will get this in the drop-down menu list.

  • Analysis of the results.

You will get a list of similar pictures displayed on this window.

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