Use WizTree to Find What Takes the Most Disk Space

Some users are reporting that, nowadays, they are getting a pop-up on their screen. They have seen low storage space warnings from Windows then they decided moving out some files to an external drive or to delete them.

Most of the people deleted the files that are not so important and come up first. But sometimes it happens we realize that we have removed other files instead of the ones we want to be removed. You should know that what occupies most of the space on your computer system is a must before you start deleting any files.

In this article, we will talk about a tool that is called WizTree and discuss on what is exactly do it.

More about WizTree Tool 

It is a free Disk Space Analyzer program for Windows 10 that lets you scan your computer system and analyze what occupies the most space on your computer system hard disk. This tool will help you to find out the files and folders with the help of the most disk space on your hard drive. 

Importance of WizTree for Windows PC

For the Windows users, WizTree is a freeware tool that lets you scan your computer system. It is able to make a beautiful colored treemap. Know you will think what Treemap is then we will clear you it is a pictorial representation of a tree data structure. It will provide you with a full detailed of the size occupied by each branch and root of the tree. On that case, it has been used to depict the size of each file and folder. Besides this, it is able to let you about browsing the results in a reasonable and convenient list view.

How to get it?

  • To start the tool, you need to select a drive that one you want to scan.
  • Then click on the Scan button, and without wasting your much time, the software will show you the result.
  • You can get the results in two formats, the first Tree View; it is the most popular format. Which lets you view the actual directory tree and the corresponding treemap? If you are looking for that folder or its contents occupies most of the space on your hard disk, then you need to select Treeview.
  • It is possible that the results can be sorted on a base of percentage size of its parent, the size it occupies, number of items and last modified date.
  • If you are selecting a record in tree view will then it will also highlight it in the treemap making it easier to see the results.
  • As same, you have to select a box from treemap; it will highlight the record in the directory tree.
  • You are able to see the folder and file occupying most of the space on the disk from both the directory tree and treemap, and then you can select the file you want to delete.
  • Also, you can get at break-up that is based on the file formats.
  • Quickly, you can review what types of files are consuming the most space and directly you can remove them.
  • WizTree will not include free space anywhere in the test results, but you can enable it from the options by default.

WizTree also is providing an amazing export feature to where you can easily export scan results as CSV files or export the treemap as a PNG file. Besides this, you are also able to select the color schemes and zoom in or zoom out of the treemap as per your choice.

You can right-click an item in the view would see you the original context menu and some advanced options from WizTree. So actually, you can use the WizTree as a file explorer with some added functionalities.

We hope that this post will help you to save your essential folders or files and remove unwanted data.

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