What is New with Apple iPhone XR

A number of people shy away from getting an iPhone because of its specifications. If only specifications were the reason, then you would crave for One Plus or the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This article is mainly to make the iPhone users aware that there is finally a phone never like before. It is priced at Rs 76,900 for 64 GB model that is not much differentiated from the spec-heavy Galaxy Note 9. For average iPhone users who want to upgrade from an iPhone 8, must go for XR rather than investing their money in XS and XS Max. If you’re going to upgrade from an iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 then again iPhone XR is the most sensible option to go for.

  • Design and build- 8/10

The iPhone XR looks like a combination of iPhone X and an iPhone 8. It has specific features from both of them. It uses 7000 series aluminum body in spite of stainless steel seen on iPhone X and XS. The back almost looks like an iPhone 8. You will get a large display of 6.1 inch that is slightly larger than iPhone 8. It is a brilliant solution to invest your money in this because you get a more prominent display, the price is lower than iPhone XS.

  • Display- 8/10

You will not find it like the OLED display, but it is a pretty good one. You won’t be able to see if there is any notch if you have a black wallpaper on. This is really impressive. It has a liquid retina HD display that displays pretty accurate colors. Its blessed with a quality IPS LCD. You will not see any pink shimmer or red tinge. It has some tech around the edges that will make it look polished. There is almost 0 color shifting when viewed from a particular angle. 3D touch is not available, and Apple has replaced them with a long press. Apple has left LCD displays and joined OLED race.

  • Features- 8.5/10

If you are upgrading from iPhone 6s, then the only feature you miss is 3D touch. Most of the 3D Touch is although replaced by the Long press. You will be getting a 6.1 inch HD LCD IPS display, 3GB of RAM and up to 256GB of internal storage. The camera you get on the back is 12 MP wide-angle camera and a real depth 7MP camera on the front.

  • Software- 8/10

It is capable of opening, running, and multitasking like a pro. You will get landscape layout for apps that support feature because XR supports UI dimension of iPhone 8 Plus. It doesn’t support split-screen multitasking where two apps can run simultaneously. In this way, iOS is lacking a step behind than Android.

  • Software bugs

You will barely come across any software bug in iOS 12 at least for a week. This is a pleasant change from bug ridden iOS 11 that came initially. The major flaw that will come across is dual speaker bug where top speaker switches off leaving more prominent speaker to do all extensive works. Well, there is a straightforward solution to it for making it work correctly. There is a software bug that will be fixed in an upcoming software update. One other issue that arises while clicking selfies with the help of a front-facing camera. Apple has given a confirmation that it will be fixed in iOS 12. Some new additions will be enabled on iOS12 such as the AR-enabled Measure app, QR code scanner, animoji and much more. Apple could not include 3D Touch on XR due to display’s design and the limitations.

  • Gaming

iPhone XR ran every single game without any issues. It can run all the games at ease. Due to its lowered display, it could not run Asphalt 9. The gameplay is smooth with no hint of stuttering. It runs on texture settings. Gameloft optimizes the game in coming updates to suit capabilities of XR.

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